I hate “About” pages. I am considered a senior citizen by most restaurants now, so how can I condense that many years into a paragraph or two?

Holstein House is my small, well micro really, bed and breakfast. I just have one room to let. But I love hosting people, preparing a cute breakfast, and sharing my home.

We have two rescue Boxers named Betty and Bob White. There are two house cats. Four ducks, and seven laying hens out back provide laughs, and eggs.

I sell eggs, homemade jams, jellies, and fruit butters. I make soaps and scrubs to sell, also. I plan to build a platform in the backyard so our musician friends can jam, and it will make a cute little place for for me to officiate elopements.

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Christian, conservative, wife, mother. Proprietor Holstein House, president Robin's Desktop, LLC. Author, & writer. Degrees in business, office administration. Ordained through ULC, and AMM. I sing for Christ. Dog, cats, chickens, and ducks.